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The Crowning of our Time!

By 29/03/2020December 8th, 2020No Comments
The Crowning of our Time

This is our crowing glory.


A time to look.

A time to reflect.

A time to see.

A time to be curious.

A time to readjust.

A time to see the truth.

A time to renew.

A time to open your mind.

A time to take responsibility.

A time to take back your power.

A time to reconnect to your inner child.

A time to change.

A time to wake up.


Are you making choices that light you up or drag you down?

Are you living from your heart or your head?

Are you playing full out or keeping yourself small?

Are you living your life or someone else’s?

Are you being manipulated by the crowd?

Are you a follower or a leader?


Can you pause?

Can you breathe?

Can you be present?

Can you find joy in being?

Can you be grateful?

Can you see what you have?

Can you appreciate all the beauty around you?

Can you laugh, sing, dance, play?

Can you look within?


Have you over extended yourself?

Have you been playing into a system?

Has your shadow been ruling your life so far?

Have you neglected yourself, your dreams, your desires?

Have you been too serious?

Have you been running from your pain?

Have you been projecting your pain?

Has your programming & conditioning been ruling your life?

Have you been putting off living for the ‘future’?

Have you been living in an illusion?

Can you see the illusion?


It’s time to get real. Get honest. Wake up. The truth does hurt, but it also sets you free.


What will you do now?

What seeds will you plant?

What is your soul yearning for?

What world do you want to create?

What will you let go of?

Are you awake?


This is a golden opportunity. Full of mess and mayhem. But the truth is, it was already there, you just didn’t want to see it.


It’s time to shift. It’s time to change.


What will you do?

What will you allow to bloom and flourish?

How will you evolve?

Who do you want to become?

What do you want to dream into reality?


The power is in your hands. The power is in all of our hands.


Do you see we’re all connected?

Do you notice we’re all on this planet together?

Do you realise nature is our essence?

Do you observe the impermanence of all things?

Do you comprehend there is enough for all?

Can you fathom we’re all one?


When will you drop your story?

When will you release your attachments?

When will you stop judging and comparing?

When will you free yourself of the victim narrative?

When will you break through your barriers?

When will you shift your mindset?

When will you take charge of where you direct your energy?

When will you appreciate how the old system benefitted very few?

When will you realise you were a pawn in that system?

When will you note the slavery we’re fed to prop up that system?

When will you see the lies?


When will you come back to your body?

When will you notice your breath, your life-force, your prana?

When will you choose better and rise, ascend?

When will you appreciate that separation is an illusion?


When will you die to your identity or ego so you can start fully living?

When will you release fear, so you can come from a place of love?

When will you understand you are not your thoughts?

When will you realise you are not your emotions?

When will you comprehend you are not your past?

When will you grasp you are not limited?

When will you accept that all limitations are created in the mind?

When will you see you’re already enough, exactly as you are?

When will you allow yourself to truly feel?

Feelings are the language of the soul.

When will you realise you are powerful?

When will you accept we’re in the next evolution, an evolution of consciousness?

When will you consider that you already have everything you need?

When will you look within?

When will you appreciate that you are everything & nothing at the same?

When will you understand your divinity?


This is our collective death & rebirth process. We’re all here for a reason. 


What will you do?






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