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#092 – Being an Influential Woman with Dion Johnson

Dion Johnson podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast I’m joined by Dion Johnson.

Dion is the Womanologist, a multi-award winning women’s champion with diversity, inclusion and authentic feminine influence at the heart of her work. She is an international strategic ally and master coach to women in senior leadership, whose clients include chief executives, directors and heads of departments across industries. She knows that when these women truly thrive, so do boards, organizations, industries and, ultimately, our world.

Dion uses her powerful insights as a black, Christian, facially different woman to challenge and change inner narratives about what it means to be a credible influencer in today’s fast-changing business marketplace.

Her new book ‘Influential Woman’ is out now on Hay House UK.


I loved with conversation with Dion which talks about the importance of women healing their self-perception and reconnecting to their inner woman in order to rise, and ultimately change the marketplace and the world!

Dion talks about her own personal challenges and the inner conflict she struggled with as a black woman in a white man’s world, a Christian in a secular world, and facially different in a beauty conscious world. She always felt ‘fundamentally disqualified’. She would reach so far, but also never quite reach her greatness, until her ‘great unlearning’ started after an interaction with the Divine.

In this topic Dion also discusses;

  • Why she gets excited by pain
  • The Divine distinction between men and women
  • What happens when we neglect the feminine energy in the marketplace
  • Inequality in the marketplace
  • And much more

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