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#091 – Having Your Own Back with Karen Maloney

Have Your Own Back

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, I’m sharing about self-approval and self-worth.

I share why building self-approval from within and having our own back no matter what, is key to living a happy, fulfilled life. If we don’t know our true value, we will forever allow others to determine it for us (which means a rocky ride!).

We often alter, mould and edit ourselves based on the expectations of others, and who we need to be in order not to be rejected. However, when we live in this way, we’re rejecting ourselves (and this is a pain far greater than being rejected by anyone else!). Building our sense of self-worth and approval on externals is building on shaky ground.

When we connect to our own inner value and worth (which is not egotistical), we bring balance and resilience into our life. We know our true core, and no matter what happens in our life, we know we have the capacity to rise, grow and move through it. Ultimately we come to realising ‘we are enough’, and we release the need to be a chameleon (constantly shapeshifting in order to try and please everyone).

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