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Dry Body Brushing – Cell Sensation!

I’ve been doing dry body brushing for quite a while now (with the exception of when I’m travelling although I was tempted to pack my brush!).

At first it’s a strange sensation, it feels a bit like you are tearing your skin and it almost feels like it is counterintuitive, doing more damage than good. But I stuck with it and ‘broke in’ my brush and I’m addicted ever since. The humble little brush packs a punch. My body tingles and I feel a surge of energy now when I do it. It feels so good and invigorating (try it for a period of time if you don’t believe me!).

I dry brush my body for a few minutes everyday before I shower. Starting at your feet and ankles, work your way upwards in small circular motions, towards your heart. Be gentle around the breasts and don’t use the large brush on your neck or face (use a smaller, softer brush if you wish). All areas you work in upward motions towards the heart, with the exception of the back, where you work in long, downward strokes.

There are lots of benefits to dry body brushing as well:

  1. Exfoliation – getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. This helps with cell renewal, clearing clogged pores and brighter, smoother skin.
  2. Lymphatic Support – it stimulates the lymphathic system which is a core component of the immune system. Congestion of the lymphatic system is said to be a major cause of inflammation and disease. By stimulating it, it helps the body to detoxify.
  3. Reduce Cellulite – dry brushing can help break down the fat deposits stored under the skin that cause cellulite.
  4. Increase Circulation – the brushing action increases circulation to the skin which helps encourage the elimination of metabolic waste.
  5. Natural Energy Boost – you will literally feel like your cells are jumping for joy.

Brushes are easy to come by, so why not pick one up and add this 2 minute miracle into your daily routine.

For an additional invigorating blast, why not turn the temperature to cold for the last 30 seconds of your shower to really get an extra boost. Be sure to moisturise afterwards to ensure supple, hydrated skin.

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