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Use the Good China, Wear your Best Clothes.

Why do we save our best clothes and the good china for special occasions. What are we waiting for? What are we expecting?

I know most of us are certainly guilty of this, only putting in an extra effort when it’s a special moment, a special occasion, we have visitors coming or we’re going somewhere nice for the day. But why do we restrict ourselves. Why do we put off using these items until the occasion calls. Is everyday not occasion enough?

We always feel good when we do it, so why not do it everyday. Why not dress up for ourselves everyday, drink out of the good china, buy ourselves flowers, use the crystal vase. We don’t have to wait for special occasions, we can do it now and for ourselves.

And of course I’m not really just talking about clothes and teacups, it’s about the bigger picture. It’s about doing little things all the time that make us feel good. We don’t need an excuse. Every single day is a gift and is the perfect excuse to treat ourselves well (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – whatever that means for you). We cannot give from an empty cup, so do things that fill you up and make you feel good. Everyday is worthy of our best selves.

On a subconscious level, when we do give ourselves that little extra self-care, it shows. When we ‘dress up’ and present our best selves, we do feel better. We act, think and portray ourselves in a different way. We feel more confident and positive, while also more relaxed and easy going.

In reality, the only thing we have is the present moment. Saving things for a ‘rainy’ day (while can make sense) is also a bit of a crazy notion because none of us will ever know what will happen tomorrow. It’s the old cliché but it’s true. We could be hit by a bus or be in a freak accident. It’s not to be morbid about things but having mortality on your periphery is a good thing. It brings an extra awareness to your life and gives you an appreciation of every moment. You learn not to take moments for granted because you never know when you may not be dealt more of them.

So with this in mind. It is good to show up for ourselves everyday. Make the most of opportunities and go for it. Do what feels good for you. Don’t hide those new shoes in the wardrobe, waiting for somewhere to wear them. Wear them now. Show them off and feel good doing it.

The same is also true when it comes to our words. Tell a friend, a loved one, a family member what they mean to you now, don’t wait for the right time (and that’s not to say it will be positive all the time!) but there is always a way to convey a message with compassion, honesty and integrity.

I remember growing up, my grandparents had a ‘good sitting room’ in their house. The carpet and chairs were covered in plastic. Nobody went in there, it was kept for ‘special occasions’ but nothing seemed to constitute a special occasion because it was too much work to take off all the plastic and then replace it after the event, so the room was never used. We all used to congregate in the one small kitchen/living room and this ‘good’ room was left untouched.

It seems like such a waste now because what’s the point in having this space if you don’t use it. They spent their entire lives ‘saving’ this room, to actually never use it and enjoy it for what it was…a place for the family to hang out, chat, share stories and memories. My grandparents worked extremely hard and took pride in their home and I understand times were different then. We didn’t live in such a ‘disposable’ society. People worked hard, bought the basics and cherished them. Things were bought for a lifetime (as opposed to changed every time you change the colour scheme). But these things were also bought to be used, shared and enjoyed. So they shouldn’t necessarily be locked away for no one to touch.

So my advice is simple – everyday is a special occasion. Everyday is a gift. It is a present. So give yourself the little boost and use the good things whenever you feel like it, don’t hide them away for a special occasion. Sipping tea from your favourite cup, wearing your killer jeans can help brighten your mood subconsciously, which in turn can radiate from you and help brighten the mood of other people you come in contact with. It’s about the bigger picture and putting our best foot forward and doing little things that make us feel good about ourselves, every single day.

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