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#179 – Going Alcohol-Free with Kay Allison

Kay Allison Podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Kay Allison of Juicy AF is my guest.

Kay was a Senior Vice President at a global ad agency and a single mom as her drinking escalated to the point that she went alcohol free. She has helped hundreds of women stop the drinking spiral and live wildly successful and satisfying lives substance free using her Juicy AF program.

Kay is an executive coach. A clairvoyant. And a minister. She’s been an adjunct professor at Northwestern University. She’s an author of two books, including Juicy AF (alcohol free): Stop the Drinking Spiral. Unleash Your Future, which will be published January 2023.

A year after going alcohol free, she launched her first company, The Energy Infuser, an agency that helped Fortune 200 companies create new $100 million products and businesses. Together, those clients generated $2 billion in annual revenue. She went on to create The Energy Annex, a modern focus group facility that won World’s Best Facility 17 years running. She co-founded Farm&Oven Snacks, a natural food company, and sold it 4 years later.

She lives in a pine forest, meditates by a waterfall every morning and loves her family.

She truly lives a Juicy AF life & she also has a FREE Stop the Drinking Spiral 7 Day Challenge on her website, click the link to join.


This was a great conversation with Kay who shares many tips for going alcohol-free.

She also talks about:

  • The moral line she crossed that stopped her drinking
  • How she reinvested her energy & created more happiness & wealth
  • Why going AF (alcohol-free) is the gift we don’t want to give ourselves
  • Why rules don’t work when it comes to drinking
  • What’s needed in order to get over the hump when going alcohol-free
  • Supports that help make the process easier
  • 5 Spiritual Laws to help people be addiction free
  • Ways to deflect questions from others
  • And much more

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