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Master Yourself.

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Master Yourself


Master yourself, that’s what we’re all here to do as part of this journey. We’re all a constant work in progress, a masterpiece that entails reintegrating parts of ourselves that we separated from. We separate every time we deny ourselves, silence ourselves, follow other people’s expectations and ideas of what we should and shouldn’t be doing, put ourselves last, talk negatively against ourselves, think we’re not worthy (the list goes on!).

What do I mean by master yourself?

Well I mean connecting to the truth of who you are and allowing that truth to guide you on your path. Trusting your intuition and surrendering to your higher self. Letting go of the ‘small self’, releasing attachments, ideas, beliefs, conditioning that keep you in the dark & blocked from recognising your ‘deeper’ self. Allowing the masterpiece that you are to be seen and constantly worked on. Releasing those fears that hold you back from living the full expression of your life that you were put on this Earth to do! We’re all creators and we were born to create, in whatever form that takes for each of us.

Sounds a bit airy fairy and out there, doesn’t it?

But that’s the way it’s been sold to us for generations because when we remember the truth of who we are, well then we’re free of the system that kept us buried and ‘asleep’ for so long. When we’re asleep, we’re sheep, we follow, we’re easily manipulated, we’re sold a linear path and that works for the ‘system’ and vested interests.

We are not linear beings. We did not incarnate to live in boxes. That goes against the essence of who we are. But it’s like magpie syndrome. We’re kept so distracted with the next ‘shiny’ object of desire or box to tick along the capitalist created ‘success’ ladder that we’re always looking externally to stop us from actually looking internally. And this is intentional, because like all the great mystics, sages, religions of the world have said for millennia, ‘the kingdom of God is within’. When we take the inward journey and realise and experience the truth of those words, we awake from the dream & the lies we’ve been sold! We realise we already have everything we need. There is nothing lacking, we already are perfect, whole and complete. We’re not separate, we’re one. Once awake, we cannot see the world in the same way as before.

This article is not gloomy. Far from it.

Everything serves a purpose. Things were the way they were because that’s the way they needed to be. We’re constantly evolving. However, we are coming to a pivotal time in humanity because our evolution has been happening so quickly (with technology, building, computers etc), the likes of which we’ve never seen before; but we as a species haven’t really evolved. Our thinking is still attached and conditioned to old (masculine) ways, paradigms and systems. A system that is built on separation, greed and consuming, and we can see where that has brought us too!

Now it’s time for our species to catch up. It’s time for our evolution and it’s an evolution of consciousness and a re-embracing of the feminine. We can no longer see ourselves as separate (because we aren’t!). We need to remember and come back in contact with ourselves, the land, the indigenous people, each other, Mother Earth, the animals, the divine, our soul, re-balance the masculine & feminine energies, and develop a conscious and compassionate relationship towards all sentient beings. We are all inter-connected by an invisible life force and the first step in realising this, is by coming back into alignment with ourselves, our authentic self, our soul.

‘The truth will set you free’, and first and foremost we must honour our own truth, whatever that is for each of us! By stepping into our own power, thinking consciously for ourselves and honouring our truth (and not just follow the crowd or people pleasing); we not only help ourselves but the collective. The more we face ourselves and remove the masks we’ve been hiding behind, the more it encourages another person to do the same.

Don’t fancy spending your whole life at a job you hate just to pay the mortgage and go on holidays twice a year? Prefer instead to live in the log cabin, paint beautiful art and live off the land? Then do it! There are a million and one possibilities.

By each of us acknowledging our own true path, this is more powerful and impactful than being a sheep and just following along! This is the new era we are in. Times are changing. We’re all in this together but we all have to do our work, our individual piece. And how easy or difficult it is for each of us, will come down to how willing we are to let go of our old, pre-conceived, conditioned idea of ourselves, in order to allow our true selves to shine through.

As the ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus, “No man is free who is not master of himself”. Author Bonnie Ware wrote in her book, ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying’, that “Of all of the regrets and lessons shared with me as I sat beside their beds, the regret of not having lived a life true to themselves was the most common one of all.”

Who’s life do you want to live? Know yourself. Master yourself. We all have free will choice!

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