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#109 – Power to Heal from Anything with Sinead Cracknell

Sinead Cracknell

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, my guest is Sinead Cracknell.

Sinead is an intuitive, soul elevation coach, and 5D/7D energy healer who helps people overcome deep trauma, break through fears and limitations, and step into their aligned soul purpose.

After years of battling anxiety, drug addiction, depression, struggling with sexual trauma, bowel cancer, and being misdiagnosed as Paranoid Schizophrenic for her intuitive gifts, she found the power within to heal without any outside support or therapy.

Sinead uses a combination of psychotherapy, NLP, hypnotherapy, soul transformation therapy, somatic work, and energy healing to help facilitate deep healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Sinead offers Soul Plan Readings to help clients uncover their unique soul purpose and be prepared to overcome challenges, and she is trained in powerful healing modalities such as Rahanni (5D healing) and Ahai (7D healing).


This conversation with Sinead is really inspiring, empowering and hopeful for anyone who may be going through, or suffered some trauma or challenges. Sinead shares the message that we all have the power to heal, no matter what happens to us, and she is a testament to this.

After her bowel cancer diagnosis, that was her wake up call to heal from her trauma. She realised life was ‘too short to just plod along’, she wanted more joy and excitement so she went on a deep inner healing journey. She discovered how our ‘conditioning’ keeps us repeating the same patterns, how trapped emotions in the body cause toxicity and physical illness when not released, and how feeling safe in her body was huge for her.

Sinead also mentioned that in order to get to the root of anything, it is important to deal with the energy of the emotions attached to it. The body remembers everything, so not dealing with the stored emotions, is denying yourself true healing and liberation of the toxic energy.

We touched on so many topics in this conversation, and Sinead shared so many empowering and uplifting messages throughout!

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