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The Only Truth!

By 22/11/2019January 21st, 2020No Comments

The only truth you need to know is, the truth will set you free.

The person you need to be most truthful with though, is yourself.

Being truthful seems like the hardest thing in the world because we’re taught if we speak our truth we will be punished for it.

There’s the saying, ‘the truth hurts’.

And that’s both a lie and the truth, because yes the truth does hurt. But it’s more a short term hurt from being truly honest with yourself and following what your heart whispers, as opposed to a long-term, underlying, slow suffering hurt that comes from avoiding the truth! Because the truth is, if something is not in alignment with our highest good (be it a friendship, a job, a relationship, lifestyle choices, location…you name it!) and we don’t do something about it, the hurt will come. But we can choose to be proactive or reactive about it. And from experience, dealing with the proactive kind of hurt is one million times easier than the reactive kind.

We’re afraid to be truthful with ourselves also because it means stepping into the unknown, and we allow this fear of the unknown to keep us tied into what we know, even when we know its not for our highest good. But stepping into the unknown is the only place that change can happen!

For example, a few years ago, I was in a relationship that had gone sour. I knew deep in my heart I should walk away because the situation was beginning to infiltrate my own health and wellbeing BUT I was afraid to face that truth because somewhere in my psyche I had the belief ‘I may not get the opportunity again’. I allowed that fear to rule my decision. I put my logical, rational mind above my own inner knowing. I thought it was too painful to hurt myself and put myself into that unknown situation, so instead I ignored my own truth and stayed and hoped and prayed things would improve.

The result…well of course I ended up being hurt by the other person when he walked away!

The moral of the story…never put your own deep, inner truth over any thought, belief or rationalisation you mind tries to tell you! EVER! Follow your own truth. Don’t be afraid to face it and take that responsibility for yourself. When we allow fear to rule, we stop ourselves from truly living.

We live and learn and that episode was one of the many great blessings in my life because I expanded and evolved so much from it. Since then I listen to my truth and follow what it’s telling me, and yes it’s hard and it can hurt, because believe me, it means facing the lies, stories and the bullsh*t that you are telling yourself. But it’s also the only thing to being true freedom.

There is nothing scarier than not being true to yourself!

“To thine own self be true” and allow this truest expression of yourself to flow through, in all its vulnerability and authenticity. We don’t need to label ourselves, we need to just be ourselves.


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